Fighting fraud in the 2020s: How to...

As consumers move more to the digital world, the criminals follow. Digital crime today is highly organised and an overhanging threat to society. As an example, digital skimming is now so organised that it’s being sold as a service on the dark web, where criminals can buy personal data and tools to enable advanced types of crime.

During this live webinar, Sune Gabelgård from Nets will share insights on today’s threat landscape and shed light on what the future will bring in terms of payment fraud, such as more and larger data leaks, which will challenge the traditional problem solving – and how we should deal with the new reality in a post-PSD2 world.

Key highlights:
How fraud will change in the 2020’s and what actions banks and card issuers should take
What will happen with Fraud in respect to PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication
What the use of new technology such as Machine Learning can do to prevent fraud

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Webinar: Step up your authentication...

While payment services providers learn, improve and innovate, fraudsters are becoming more and more creative in their efforts to beat the system. How are you staying ahead of the curve?

Sune Gabelgård, Head of Digital Fraud, Intelligence & Research at Nets, together with Sinch Product Manager for RTC, Anders Lenman will share their wisdom on how to step up customer authentication while maintaining a positive customer experience.

Join us in our latest webinar as we discuss how banks and merchants can:

• Enjoy a more risk-based approach to fraud, focusing on fraud prevention rather than detection
• Use SCA to improve the shopping experience and keep abandonment rates low
• Combine data across the payments chain on a cross-border level to help fight fraud

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From Digital-first to Digital-only...

Read more about the webinar here.

Peter Rosenlund, Senior Manager, Card Processing, Nets
Sirpa Nordlund, Head of Industry Engagement & Country Director, Finland, Nets

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An easier tomorrow. Powered by Nets.

At Nets, we see easier products and solutions as the foundation for growth and progress – both in commerce and society. We help financial institutions, businesses and merchants make tomorrow a little easier for their customers while delivering unrivalled security and stability.

Powering a tomorrow that’s easier than today. This is what drives us.
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Nets Corporate Services

Language: ENGLISH
Corporate Services provides the payment platform for recurring payments and credit transfer transactions for more than 240,000 corporate customers.
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Nets Financing Case: Liikuntakeskus HEI

Flexible and stress-free Nets Financing gives security to Health, Energy & Inspiration Oy.

Liikuntakeskus HEI in Pirkkala, Finland is a fitness center run by Health, Energy & Inspiration Oy. With the help of Nets
Financing, the fitness center was able to finance the renovation of the premises easily and without stress.

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Nets Financing-Tingi&Tongi customer...

English subtitles
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Digital Identity: Balancing customer...

McKinsey​* ha​s called it the next $20 billion market and the growth is staggering. Digital identity has obvious benefits and the business case has been proven many times over, yet many countries are lagging behind in digitising the financial sector. Why is that and what will this do to banks’ competitiveness over time? How can we break down the chicken & egg problem that exists in this market through smart use of availab​le technology combined with ecosystem thinking?

There are several obstacles to overcome in realising the business case of digital identity for the banks, but time is running out as both global technology players and the payment schemes are moving fast to capture this market. Losing the battle for digital identity can also mean losing the customer interface over time, so there is no time to lose.​​​​

In this webinar, digitisation expert, Thomas Voksø, and industry opinion leader, Sirpa Nordlund, discuss the importance of digital ID in banking today and the obstacles to overcome.
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DIBS blir til Nets

DIBS begravelsesseremoni 12. desember 2020. DIBS ble kjøpt av Nets i 2014 og fullintegrert i konsernet 12. desember 2019.

Fusjonen gir kundene tilgang til en bredere produktportefølje. I tillegg til nettbetaling får kundene tilgang til bl.a. omnikanal-løsning, elektroniske kvitteringer, innløsning og fysiske terminaler.

Navnet er dødt, men kompetansen lever videre.

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ENGlish Nets Reward film
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Nets Reward
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Nets Reward
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Hvordan fullføre søknad for Easy...

I denne videoen demonstrerer vi hvordan du kan søke/aktivere din Easy konto.
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Modtag betalinger med Dankort på mobilen

Dankort på mobilen minder i hastighed og brug om det kontaktløse Dankort. Det er blot kundens smartphone, der anvendes til at betale med i stedet for det fysiske Dankort. For at kunne benytte Dankort på mobilen, skal kunden have en af de mange apps, der understøtter Dankort på mobilen, og din terminal skal være sat op til mobilbetaling. Det koster ikke kunden noget at bruge Dankort på mobilen og det koster heller ikke dig som forretning ekstra at tage imod Dankort på mobile. De nye mobiltransaktioner er en del af det nuværende Dankort abonnement og det kræver ikke en ny aftale at tage imod mobilbetaling.
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Demo - Avtaleregistrering i Nets Online

Denne demoen viser en gjennomgang av å registere, slette etc en avtale I Nets Online.

Language Norwegian

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Video guide: Order NemID Service...

Learn how to become a NemID Service Provider
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Fi_Maksupäätteen valikoiden...

Fi_Maksupäätteen valikoiden käyttö_viking-iWL250
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