Rethinking KYC: Amaze your customers...

As we covered in our previous webinar "Rethinking KYC", consumers have come to expect seamless onboarding experiences that can take place anywhere with little to no effort. Instead of requiring customers to physical branches, having a modern mobile-first solution for KYC, will help banks and businesses to provide a frictionless mobile onboarding experience using a simple smartphone app.

With a digital API-driven solution that bridges the gap between physical ID documents and digital identification, in a modular and flexible KYC option, banks can bring down abandonment rates and meet customers' demand for efficiency when opening an account. 

​In this webinar, we will dig a little deeper into the Nets Passport Reader and the functionalities that can improve the onboarding flow and provide positive customer experiences. 

Join the next KYC webinar to learn:

- ​How you can ensure secure and global identity verification to improve customer onboarding through record-time implementation. 

- Great insights from the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency, who can now issue its own eID (MinID Passport) as a result of a fully digital 3-minutes onboarding process. 

- How innovative chatbot-guided onboarding can help you to better engage with your prospects and customers while reducing drop-off during any application process, i.e. bank account opening, with a case study from Nets technology partner, Boost AI. 

- Benefits from choosing our 'ready-to-use' Passport Reader App vs SDK (software development kit) option for easy integration into your existing app.


Guest speaker from the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency

14.06.2021. 330 views

Rethinking KYC: Improving the...

Banks must balance the imperative to be compliant on one hand with the imperative to offer world-class digital experiences to customers on the other. Otherwise, there is a danger that the customer experience will suffer as banks prioritise compliance and de-risking their business and brand value.

Traditionally, Know your Customer (KYC) comes with visits to branch offices. Time consuming, costly and limited to office hours. Different solutions for KYC have hit the market over recent years, but do not offer a fully digital and automated process. Optical solutions using photos of identity documents are not secure, real-time video calls with an operator are invasive and costly. Both have poor conversion rates and required manual intervention.

In this webinar, we take a look at how to overcome these challenges with a digital identity verification flow that lowers friction and optimises the experience while ensuring security, simplicity and customisation for each issuer.

Watch the webinar to hear more about:
- How to navigate into today’s complex KYC ecosystem to enhance the customer experience

- How banks and other businesses can add seamless KYC to their solution as an add-on without changing their whole setup with modular APIs
- Deep dive into the new underlying technology with Nets' partner Innovalor
- Great use cases on how to solve KYC with a Passport Reader for any customer or vertical in any country.
26.04.2021. 231 views



Nets-Kotipizza_Customer _testimonial_ENG

Nets Kotipizza customer testimonial on gift-cards. With English susbtitles
28.03.2019. 160 views

Nets Financing-Tingi Tongi customer...

Tingi & Tongi kasvatti liikevaihtoaan Nets Financingin avulla jopa 15%
Löytömyymälä ja kirpputori Tingi & Tongi toimii tunnelmallisissa vanhan villatehtaan tiloissa Hyvinkäällä. Nets Financing -rahoituksen avulla yritys onnistui kasvattamaan liikevaihtoansa vain neljässä kuukaudessa noin 10-15%. Nopea ja mutkaton palvelu teki rahoituksen hankkimisesta hyvin helppoa.
26.11.2019. 204 views

Nets-Taksi Helsinki Customer testimonial

FI subtitles
03.05.2019. 145 views



Nets Passport Reader

12.10.2020. 2,523 views

Digital Identity: Balancing customer...

McKinsey​* ha​s called it the next $20 billion market and the growth is staggering. Digital identity has obvious benefits and the business case has been proven many times over, yet many countries are lagging behind in digitising the financial sector. Why is that and what will this do to banks’ competitiveness over time? How can we break down the chicken & egg problem that exists in this market through smart use of availab​le technology combined with ecosystem thinking?

There are several obstacles to overcome in realising the business case of digital identity for the banks, but time is running out as both global technology players and the payment schemes are moving fast to capture this market. Losing the battle for digital identity can also mean losing the customer interface over time, so there is no time to lose.​​​​

In this webinar, digitisation expert, Thomas Voksø, and industry opinion leader, Sirpa Nordlund, discuss the importance of digital ID in banking today and the obstacles to overcome.
15.09.2020. 185 views

DIBS blir til Nets

DIBS begravelsesseremoni 12. desember 2020. DIBS ble kjøpt av Nets i 2014 og fullintegrert i konsernet 12. desember 2019.

Fusjonen gir kundene tilgang til en bredere produktportefølje. I tillegg til nettbetaling får kundene tilgang til bl.a. omnikanal-løsning, elektroniske kvitteringer, innløsning og fysiske terminaler.

Navnet er dødt, men kompetansen lever videre.

10.01.2020. 225 views



Nets Financing How it works EN

A short video of how the Nets Financing Split setup works
13.01.2022. 207 views

Nets Financing Product Presentation EN

A short into video to the Nets Financing product - as it is presented to our customers
13.01.2022. 92 views


ENGlish Nets Reward film
31.03.2020. 188 views

Hvordan fullføre søknad for Easy...

I denne videoen demonstrerer vi hvordan du kan søke/aktivere din Easy konto.
06.03.2020. 1,315 views

Modtag betalinger med Dankort på mobilen

Dankort på mobilen minder i hastighed og brug om det kontaktløse Dankort. Det er blot kundens smartphone, der anvendes til at betale med i stedet for det fysiske Dankort. For at kunne benytte Dankort på mobilen, skal kunden have en af de mange apps, der understøtter Dankort på mobilen, og din terminal skal være sat op til mobilbetaling. Det koster ikke kunden noget at bruge Dankort på mobilen og det koster heller ikke dig som forretning ekstra at tage imod Dankort på mobile. De nye mobiltransaktioner er en del af det nuværende Dankort abonnement og det kræver ikke en ny aftale at tage imod mobilbetaling.
23.03.2017. 2,551 views

Demo - Avtaleregistrering i Nets Online

Denne demoen viser en gjennomgang av å registere, slette etc en avtale I Nets Online.

Language Norwegian

14.11.2016. 1,006 views



Video guide: Order NemID Service...

Learn how to become a NemID Service Provider
18.08.2017. 897 views

Fi_Maksupäätteen valikoiden...

Fi_Maksupäätteen valikoiden käyttö_viking-iWL250
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