The EU Digital Identity Wallet's impact on the Financial sector: How can banks prepare?

The introduction of the EU Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet marks a significant leap towards a true digital single market. It will enable European citizens to access services seamlessly across borders, reinforcing the EU's vision of a connected digital future. This initiative will revolutionize the financial sector, presenting challenges and opportunities for banks.  


Join us for an exclusive Nets-hosted webinar where three leading experts and experienced international speakers will discuss how the EUDI Wallet will transform the European financial sector. With the first set of implementing acts due on 21 November 2024, it's vital for banks to start preparing now.

Why you should attend:

This webinar will offer a comprehensive exploration of the EUDI Wallet's transformative impact on European financial institutions. Discover how banks can navigate this shift effectively, ensuring compliance and maximizing opportunities. 


 Key discussion points include:

- The crucial role banks could play in the identity framework. in providing identity wallets. Trust is a cornerstone. Banks are in a key position to deliver.   

- The EU Digital Identity Framework and its critical components that will redefine financial services. 

- Cross-border transactions : Learn how the EUDI Wallet will enable secure and seamless access to services across borders.  

- The eIDAS regulation that will reshape digital identity and compliance requirements for banks. 

-Implementation strategies to prepare for the wallet integration. Consolidation of Identity verification systems paves the way. 


Meet our panel of experts:

Kristian Sørensen, Viky Manaila, and Oscar Santolalla are all esteemed international speakers with a wealth of expertise in the digital identity space. 

They each bring unique insights into the regulatory landscape, digital transformation, and strategic innovation of digital wallets and trust services. All three share a commitment to shaping the future of digital identity, actively contributing to the European vision of a connected digital future. 

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