Fighting fraud in the 2020s: How to identify and prevent fraudulent payments

As consumers move more to the digital world, the criminals follow. Digital crime today is highly organised and an overhanging threat to society. As an example, digital skimming is now so organised that it’s being sold as a service on the dark web, where criminals can buy personal data and tools to enable advanced types of crime.

During this live webinar, Sune Gabelgård from Nets will share insights on today’s threat landscape and shed light on what the future will bring in terms of payment fraud, such as more and larger data leaks, which will challenge the traditional problem solving – and how we should deal with the new reality in a post-PSD2 world.

Key highlights:
How fraud will change in the 2020’s and what actions banks and card issuers should take
What will happen with Fraud in respect to PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication
What the use of new technology such as Machine Learning can do to prevent fraud

05.08.2020. 227 views fraud, fraud prevention Webinars