From Open Banking and BigTechs to PSD3 - Taking advantage of the _disruption in financial services with Danske Bank & CaixaBank.mp4

PSD2 was supposed to change the way we bank and pay – but has it really changed anything?

It's already two years into the execution and we are wondering: where are the fluent APIs, speedy transactions, and plethora of fintechs using the interfaces to incumbent banks? The position of BigTechs is emerging fast and there are gaps to fill in the open banking scene.
In this webinar, we will take a look at the Nordic and UK landscapes for open banking, possibilities for using banking as a service, and ponder on how BigTechs are taking leaps into the financial sector - discussing how banks should react to this disruption.

​​​In this episode, Sirpa Nordlund sits down for a fireside chat ​with two fantastic guest speakers from the industry: Kasper Sylvest, Head of Infrastructures and industry engagement at Danske Bank, and Xavier Herrero, Manager of Operations Groups & Development of Banking Services, CaixaBank.

23.11.2020. 538 views Payments Webinars