Rethinking KYC: Improving the customer journey and satisfaction with seamless and digital identity verification

Banks must balance the imperative to be compliant on one hand with the imperative to offer world-class digital experiences to customers on the other. Otherwise, there is a danger that the customer experience will suffer as banks prioritise compliance and de-risking their business and brand value.

Traditionally, Know your Customer (KYC) comes with visits to branch offices. Time consuming, costly and limited to office hours. Different solutions for KYC have hit the market over recent years, but do not offer a fully digital and automated process. Optical solutions using photos of identity documents are not secure, real-time video calls with an operator are invasive and costly. Both have poor conversion rates and required manual intervention.

In this webinar, we take a look at how to overcome these challenges with a digital identity verification flow that lowers friction and optimises the experience while ensuring security, simplicity and customisation for each issuer.

Watch the webinar to hear more about:
- How to navigate into today’s complex KYC ecosystem to enhance the customer experience

- How banks and other businesses can add seamless KYC to their solution as an add-on without changing their whole setup with modular APIs
- Deep dive into the new underlying technology with Nets' partner Innovalor
- Great use cases on how to solve KYC with a Passport Reader for any customer or vertical in any country.
26.04.2021. 231 views Webinars