Rethinking KYC: Amaze your customers with a mobile-first onboarding solution

As we covered in our previous webinar "Rethinking KYC", consumers have come to expect seamless onboarding experiences that can take place anywhere with little to no effort. Instead of requiring customers to physical branches, having a modern mobile-first solution for KYC, will help banks and businesses to provide a frictionless mobile onboarding experience using a simple smartphone app.

With a digital API-driven solution that bridges the gap between physical ID documents and digital identification, in a modular and flexible KYC option, banks can bring down abandonment rates and meet customers' demand for efficiency when opening an account. 

​In this webinar, we will dig a little deeper into the Nets Passport Reader and the functionalities that can improve the onboarding flow and provide positive customer experiences. 

Join the next KYC webinar to learn:

- ​How you can ensure secure and global identity verification to improve customer onboarding through record-time implementation. 

- Great insights from the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency, who can now issue its own eID (MinID Passport) as a result of a fully digital 3-minutes onboarding process. 

- How innovative chatbot-guided onboarding can help you to better engage with your prospects and customers while reducing drop-off during any application process, i.e. bank account opening, with a case study from Nets technology partner, Boost AI. 

- Benefits from choosing our 'ready-to-use' Passport Reader App vs SDK (software development kit) option for easy integration into your existing app.


Guest speaker from the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency

15.06.2021. 331 views Webinars